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About the Books

5 books that can be used as a tool for grief processing for children who have lost a friend or family member and read for children who are curious on the subjects grief and death.

Why? Because children are dependent on help from others when they experience death in a near relation. They need adults around them who can support them and talk to them about the feelings and questions that arise. These books can help the conversation on the difficult topic well on its way. They both provide answers to children’s typical questions about death and they give adults an insight into grief in a child’s perspective. The books speak the concrete language of the young children, when various topics around losing are explained in a playful and positive narrative.

In addition, the books are also for children from the age of 3 who have not lost. Death is a subject that many children at some point become curious of. And at the same time, it is a topic that many adults have a hard time finding concrete answers to. Perhaps an early dialogue about death can help to change the taboo on death.